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Amazing Pictures of Belize

Belize Pictures are a buzz on the Internet, but before we get to that; here are some facts on the country.

If you ever wonder where is the perfect place for a vacation, not far from the United States of America and off the beaten path. A place where every moment is a photo opportunity waiting to happen. Look no further than Belize.

Belize is a tiny country in Central America, located South of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It Shares a border with Guatemala to the West and has its entire coastline in the Caribbean sea. Because of this unique location, the internet is buzzing with amazing photos and videos of Belize.

The country is well-known for the Great Blue Hole, have the worlds second-largest barrier reef with plenty of island with white sandy beaches and sparkling clear waters. Many of the inhabitants once made a living from the sea as fisher folks, present-day majority of these fisher folks are now do guide fishing trips. Inland is an explosion of life and history. Discover the cities of the past, once inhabited by the Mayan Civilization. The jungle and Rainforest is teaming with plants and animals. No wonder the country national bird is the Keel Bill Toucan. Tropical weather for most of the year and friendly people, whose first language is English, make Belize a desired tourist destination all year long.

We hope you like our Photos of Belize