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Shared Shuttle to Flores


Shared Shuttle to Flores

Nelson Maya Adventures offers a shuttle service and allows you to reduce your ecological print by using our shared shuttle service, economical and ecological.

  • Price is $25 USD + 10 % commission for our sellers.
  • Time: Departs 12:00 noon from the water taxi station.


Flores, Peten

Vising the Flores Island 

The best way to know this beautiful island is by walking around. Flores Guatemala is the safest place in the North of Petén and is an ideal place for travelers who enjoy water sports and contact with the nature. The Flores Island in Guatemala has earned popularity throughout the years for being the ideal base before and after your expeditions to the Mayan world hidden in the jungle of Guatemala.

There is much to do in Flores

The island has grown increasingly famous in recent years for being close to some of Guatemala’s biggest Mayan ruin sites. However, this place has so much more to offer! 

As well as Mayan ruins, there are plenty of things to do in Flores, and it proved to be the ideal place to stay in for people of all ages, we can easily arrange your Tours and  Transfers.

Buses to San Ignacio Town
The buses or any other public transportation are most likely to be overcrowded, making stops at every village along the way. The express buses are a cheaper alternative compared to the shuttle, with runs every half hour from downtown San Ignacio.

Flights To San Ignacio Town

Tropic Air flights to and from San Ignacio is limited to only one flight from Belize City and San Pedro to the airstrip about a 5-minute drive from San Ignacio, known as Maya Flats Airstrip. Again, you can book a shuttle from the Maya Flats airstrip to San Ignacio Town with us.

Book Shared shuttle to Flores

Book an oneway or round trip between ()  and  Flores. The travel time is roughly two and half hours (2.5hrs). Request stop to well-known sites and attractions on the way.

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Water Taxi Service

Book your water taxi tickets with us when going to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker all in one with your transfer

BTB Gold Standard Operator

Nelson Maya Adventures is Gold Standard certified to carry out tours and transfers during the pandemic. This means we have applied the necessary protocols to protect against the spread of Covid-19.