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Lamanai Mayan Ruins

  • Price

    Price varies by location - Can be done during a transfer

  • Difficulty / Requirement

    Moderate - Walking and Climbing

  • Whats included

    Guide, Entrance Fee, Round Trip Transportation, Lunch (full day tour) and Gears.

  • What to bring

    Comfortable dry fit clothing, Sturdy walking shoe

Lamanai Tour Enquiry

Lamanai Maya Archaeological Site

The Tour to Lamanai from Belize City takes about 2.5 hours to arrive at the site. Travelling by road then river before arriving at the visitors centre. Before the Lamanai tour at the temples, guests can visit a small museum of Mayan artefacts.

Guests will board a riverboat and embark on a scenic boat ride along the New River to Lamanai Mayan Site. During the boat excursion, guests will have the opportunity to see Flora and Fauna.

There is a short jungle hike of 1.5 miles to reach the site, situated in a lush rainforest. On foot, you will explore plazas, ball courts and temples. Learn about the history of the Lamanai Mayan Ruin. Lamanai features the third tallest Maya structure in Belize called High Temple. Get a panoramic view from its summit.

Lamanai Archaeological Site Highlights

The Boat Ride: Here is where your adventure begins. Once you have arrived at the tower hill bridge in Orange Walk District. The boat trip will take on the new river, a wonderful opportunity for wildlife spotting. 100 + varieties of tropical birds and occasional freshwater crocodiles floating near the river’s edge. It’s a rare chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Be sure to take your binoculars, your guide will point out birds such as black hawk, Jabiru Storks and falcons and trees, orchids, monkeys and crocodiles sunbathing on the river banks. During your tour to Lamanai, just before reaching the site, you will enter the new river lagoon (lake). The site itself hosts a family of howler monkeys and wildlife which can be seen on site at times. Then to the Ruins.

This Ancient Mayan city is for its Temples. The Masks Temple for its iconic carved limestone mask. The Jaguar Temple for its angular depiction of a Jaguar. and finally; The High Temple – Structure N10. Standing about 125 feet above the jungle canopy. Be sure to climb this temple in the presence of your tour guide, in case you are afraid of heights and steep stairs.

If you had to choose – Xunantunich vs Lamanai archaeological site: Xunantunich is easily accessed from the Western highway. The Mayan site has a large temple and some hieroglyphics you can only take photos of. On the other hand. Getting to Lamanai is half the fun with plenty of photos opportunity. An experience that will bring out the adventurer in you.

Experience Lamanai with Nelson Maya Adventures

Our tour company offer one of the best Lamanai Day Trip an experience you won’t find in any travel guide. We cater for various group sizes as well as families looking for a guided tour of these Mayan Temples.

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Altun Ha Archaeological Site is located:

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  • 86.5 miles (3min) from San Ignacio Town

Lamanai Archaeological Site is located:

  •  75 miles (2.5hours) from Belize City
  • 6.2 miles (15min) from San Ignacio Town
  • 3.8 miles (5min) from the Guatemalan Border
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Xunantunich Archaeological Site is located:

  •  75 miles (2.5hours) from Belize City
  • 6.2 miles (15min) from San Ignacio Town
  • 3.8 miles (5min) from the Guatemalan Border

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  •  110 miles (3.5hours) from Belize City
  • 87 miles (2.5min) from San Ignacio Town
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