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Belize City excursions


Back in 1991, the first cruise arrive in Belize, shortly after our country bloomed into a vibrant cruise destination. Here over 300 ships are called to Belize cruise port annually.

You will be cruising into the second smallest country in Central America, by booking a cruise to Belize. This cruise port is named Belize Tourism Village Cruise Terminal, located in Belize City. Here you will find a host of shops and tour operators offering their many excursions to the wonders of Belize.


Cruise Ships Call to Port in Belize City

We offer shore excursions to all cruise ships anchored offshore from the Tourism Village Cruise Terminal. Tinder Schedules are closely monitored, to ensure your tours leaves and arrive on time for the tinder back to the ships.

Carnival Cruise Ship Names:

Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Names:

Many other Cruise ships visit this port aswell, we thought we should list the companies with the most cruise to the country

Cruise Port and Excursions

Tourism Village Cruise Terminal

You can try the authentic local food that is sold around the cafes, bars, and restaurants that line the port. The Tourist Village right out of the port has a good number of restaurants, grills, and bars, with The Wet Lizard taking the lead.

Several tours are also available that will take you directly from the port, that takes you to many interesting landmarks such as the Museum of Belize, Liberty Hall, and the Baron Lighthouse.

Belize Cruise Excursions

Nelson Maya Adventures choose 7 Amazing excursions to do. Cruise passengers can take a refreshing river ride as you go tubing downstream and into some of Belize’s largest cave systems. For the Adventurous and thrill seeker in you, feel the rush as you zip around in the rainforest canopy. Our Cruise excursions also take you to Mayan Ruins tucked away in the jungle of our jewel in Central America. If you’re an animal lover, we offer to excursions allowing you to get up close with the animals of Belize, take a trip to the Belize Zoo or the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary about a half-hour drive from Belize City.

Cave Tubing

Trade your cruise ship for an inflatable ring complete with a backrest. Hike upstream for a river cruise down stream and into a cave system. Cave tubing is the #1 thing to do in Belize.

Zip Lining

The lush rainforest canopy of Belize is one to see when Zip Lining, Toucan are sometimes spotted you Zip through the Trees. The Cruise Excursion is often combined with Cave Tubing.

Altun Ha Maya Ruins

A must-see once taking a cruise to the country Altun Ha is one of the best Mayan ruins in Belize. Just a few minutes from Belize City Cruise Port.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from the Belize Zoo, this wildlife sanctuary is great for everyone. Situated on the banks of the lagoon they are many species of birds, plants and animals for you to see.

Belize City Historical Tour

Belize has had a couple of name changes before, with the first language of English. Our historical tour of the old capital sheds light on the history of Belize and its people.

Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo was named the "best little zoo in Central America. the Zoo has about 45 species of birds and animals, living in their natural habitat. You can combine this excursion with another.

Lamanai Mayan Ruins

From Belize City, Lamanai is about 124KM away. This Lamanai excursion is best done when you take the first Tinder from your ship. You will want to enjoy the boat ride and time at the Wonder ancient City.

The Professional expertise and guide service offers you many wonderful and memorable experiences as you take an excursion with us. Take the historical and culinary tour or explore the natural wonders and ancient Mayan Temples tuck in the rainforest and jungles of the country.

Cruise passengers can enjoy the many tours and activities by arriving at the Belize City Cruise Port. Book with a local tour operator with years of experience in the travel and leisure business.

We monitor all cruise arrival at the Tourism Village Cruise Terminal along with Tinder arrival from those cruise ships. This is so your tour leaves and arrives on time for the Tinder back to the Cruise. Along with this cruise passenger’s excursions are done separately from our regular day tours.

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